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HD-Backup 'Sentry'



Create a backup of selectable Bogart for Windows projects - even transferable to Bogart on Casablanca/DVC

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HD-Backup 'Sentry' extends the capabilities of the project backup on Bogart for Windows considerably:

  • Single project backup
    Previously it was only possible with 'HD-Backup' to secure all projects of the internal hard drive completely and also to restore all together. With 'Sentry' there comes an unprecedented level of flexibility to the backup process.
    'Sentry' can either backup all or some selected projects, or even just a single project to an external medium.
    In addition, Sentry can even backup single parts of a project (scene bin, audio data, storyboard,..)

  • Restoring with maximum flexibility
    With 'Sentry' your secured projects can be restored on any free projects of the working disk.

    In addition, with Sentry backups of projects or partial-projects can be 'mixed" with a project on the working harddrive. So, for example, multiple audio archives or multiple scenes collections can be combined into any project.

  • Project exchange between Casablanca and Bogart for Windows
    For users of Bogart on a PC and a Casablanca system, 'Sentry' is the ideal tool to exchange projects between the two devices. To work without restrictions, it is advisable to have the used effects installed on both systems.

  • Just in case... 'Sentry' will scan for faulty project data
    Even a project with irregularities, for example errors and faulty images that were imported with bad video footage, 'Sentry' can cure in many cases. In the backup process, these areas are mostly found and filtered out accordingly (The bad frames are replaced by a text insert).

  • Exemplary operability
    Despite the many great functions 'Sentry' is clearly designed and easy to use. It follows the typically simple and logical operating philosophy of the Casablanca/Bogart world.

The software is automatically installed with Bogart.

System requirement: Bogart for Windows


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HD-Backup 'Sentry'

HD-Backup 'Sentry'

Create a backup of selectable Bogart for Windows projects - even transferable to Bogart on Casablanca/DVC

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