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The perfect introduction to the world of digital video editing. Intuitive operation without long learning quickly leads to the perfect film. Video post-processing - very simple.

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BogartSE simple and reliable

  • Do you have a reasonably up-to-date Windows PC and a video camera?
  • Looking for video post-processing software?
  • A video editing software that is very easy to use?
  • But still offers a lot of potential for later extensions?
  • Don't want to dig through hundreds of effects and spend weeks learning the meaning of various symbols?

Then you are right on this page and at BogartSE for Windows!

BogartSE 13 is the result of over 20 years of experience in simple and easy-to-learn video editing. An easily legible font size and text switches, the meanings of which are immediately clear to every filmmaker, guarantee a quick sense of achievement.

BogartSE can be tested and purchased in three different editions for beginners, advanced users and semi-professionals.

With the installation of the demo version, the powerful BogartSE 13 Gold Edition is immediately available.

If the switches and options are too many despite the intuitive operating concept, the Gold Edition can simply be hidden in the BogartSE settings/system/install product in order to test the silver edition with ~70 fewer functions. If this Silver Edition is also hidden, another ~70 functions are omitted and the BogartSE Bronze Edition can be tested.

Individual video editing could hardly be simpler.

The optionally available Arabesk software for easy video DVD, Blu-ray and UHD disc creation including menu can also be tested in the Bogart demo version (NVIDIA graphics card with NVENC technology recommended, 1050/1060/1080 and higher).

If you decide to buy the bronze or silver edition, you can unlock the functions of the larger editions at any time. This also allows BogartSE Bronze and Silver to grow with the user's experience. Even in the middle of an ongoing video project, more powerful functions can be activated at the push of a button.

If you also need very spectacular effects later, such as:

  • a particle generator to set fire to titles or items
  • animated routes with 3D objects for route and stops
  • volumetric light effects and beam effects
  • More complex compositions of titles, animations, video scenes,..
  • Packages with dozens of different transition effects

In this way, this can be quickly and easily retrofitted at any time.

Even with extensions, the main focus of development is always on the simplest operation, which is guaranteed by a manageable number of selected effects and settings. Of course, owners of the BogartSE editing software can also test any accessory as a demo version to convince themselves of its quality and possibilities.

You should only buy what you like, what you want and what you are satisfied with. This has been the success factor of the MacroSystem brand for over 20 years and the result of many loyal BogartSE fans.

  • Current version:
    Bogart 13 Windows
    for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
  • Download: 
    DEMO version and full version
  • Manual (will be installed, manual download)
    Windows Addendum v2 10.2016

    BogartSE 9 manual English
    BogartSE 10 addendum English
  • Note on testing and licensing:
    The Bogart 13 demo version can be used as long as you like.
    A demo lettering is stamped during export or DVD/BD/UHD disc creation.

    In order to be able to activate Bogart 13, the installation of the full version is required. This then generates an individual serial number, which is assigned to the PC+user account. An activation code can only be ordered with this serial number.
    The demo installation can also be installed and tested parallel to an older Bogart Edition. This has no impact on ongoing projects.
  • Note on video display:
    Depending on the system performance, the "Playback Mode" in the "Settings (Recording/Playback)" can be switched between "Simple" and "Standard". If the automatic detection does not result in smooth playback or synchronous audio, the mode should be switched manually.
  • Bronze - Silver - Gold Comparison
  • Minimum Requirements:
    4 GB RAM, Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Recommendation:
    Intel i5/i7-4xxx processor (or newer) with active Intel HD graphics, Windows 64 bit version
    An NVIDIA graphics card with NVENC technology (1050/1060/1080 or higher) is recommended for UHD disc creation.
  • If you have any questions about Bogart, please do not hesitate to contact the forum.


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Bogart 13 Bronze for Windows

Bogart 13 Bronze for Windows

The perfect introduction to the world of digital video editing. Intuitive operation without long learning quickly leads to the perfect film. Video post-processing - very simple.

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