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BogartSE Gold Edition Update from Silber Edition



Upgrade the Silver Edition to Gold Edition

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This upgrade extends BogartSE with the following features:


  • Effects can be showed on top in an editable favorites list
  • IR Keyboard / Remote control reaction can turned on / off
  • Multiple selection of list items (such as in the clipboard)
  • Optional HDMI 1080p screen mode for new Casablanca / DVC models
  • Original tape timecode of your camcorder can display
  • Faster operation by use of additional small buttons on the trackball
  • Timecode display in the professional format (hh:mm:ss:ff)
  • VGA computer monitors can be used with Casablanca models
  • Two monitor operation possible

Record / Import

  • AVCHD Import optionally as a continuous film instead of individual scenes
  • Adjustment of AVCHD brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma and volume are possible on import
  • Recorder control when capturing via Firewire
  • Detection of scenes splits either via index information from the camcorder or timecode jumps (if available)


  • Supports 21:9 widescreen projects (with CinemaScope extension)
  • Audio tone curve is represented in the scene
  • Automatic insertion and removal of effects (sequence, random)
  • Picture edges and edge covering is adjustable when rendering effects
  • Effect rendering in the background ("Smart Rendering")
  • Transition-Effects are definable with accelerated and slowed movement
  • Transition-Effect lengths can be individually stored
  • Effect preview with loop mode for simplified control of settings
  • Single image preview with additional comparison options (splitscreen / small)
  • Group mappings and filters for video scenes and audio tracks
  • Multiple selection of scenes with functions for moving, swapping, copy, delete, clipboard
  • Image-Pool allows you to add your own pictures (scenes from bin or imported, including transparency)
  • Progressive project formats (eg AVCHD Light 1280 * 720p25) are possible
  • Scene generation with more features (directly replacing effects in the storyboard / timeline)
  • Timeline mode with various options for video and audio
  • Clipboard offers more features (direct access to other projects, multiple selection, improved 4:3 <> 16:9 conversion, transfer of trimmed areas)


  • Audio envelope can be edited with the Time-Range function
  • Audio scrubbing and envelope when trimming and splitting
  • Split pieces of music can be copied directly into the storyboard or timeline
  • Several effects on a piece of music or a sound track (with restrictions) are possible
  • Audio tracks can be differently configured (on / off, free / bound)
  • Sound sample combination can also place directly into the bin or on a selectable audio track
  • Sound sampe combination provides a direct replacement in the Storyboard / Timeline
  • Transitions can get a selectable audio sample
  • Synchronity correction for image + sound playback can be adjusted
  • Playback volume (eg for laptops) can be controlled


  • Archive function for securing various settings
  • Rendering of logo / graphic, timecode, date and time in the finish menu
  • Used harddrives can be named
  • Fonts (TrueType), eg for titling, menu design, .... can be imported
  • Backup option for the storyboard (audio + video, including bin)


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BogartSE Gold Edition Update from Silber Edition

BogartSE Gold Edition Update from Silber Edition

Upgrade the Silver Edition to Gold Edition

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