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Title Effect Pack 1



33 in/out effects for the Bogart for Windows titling system

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With the Title Effect Pack 1, you get 33 new effects for the BogartSE titling system.

Most effects have various options to modify the default settings. So you can change the result to your personal requirements.

Adding PageThe text is faded in and out in a special way: The new text page is faded in addition to the old page - the old page remains in the video.
Async. H-ScrollHorizontal scrolling text; the single page boxes are moved at varying speeds. All boxes start and end at the same time. The effect does not consider the horizontal position of the boxes.
Background BoxThe background of the boxes is gently faded in. After the pause time, the text is added. For fade out, you can choose if the boxes are faded out after each other or all at the same time.
Background PageThis effect fades the background only. After a pause, the text is added. Fade out works the other way around.
Blockfade LinesThe single text lines (not the box background) are made to crumble into the video.
Blockfade PageThe entire page (including background) is made to crumble into the screen.
Column BoxThe text is faded within the box. The box background is not affected by this.
Diffuse LettersEach letter is faded in and is zoomed from small to normal size. During fade out, the letters become larger and larger and turn blurred. Try short letter and long page fade times for best effects.
Diffuse LinesThe single lines become more sharp and get larger as they fade in. During fade out, they enlarge and become blurred.
Diffuse PageThe text of one page becomes more sharp and gets larger as it fades in (background not affected). During fade out, the text enlarges and becomes blurred.
Fading BoxThe single text boxes (with their backgrounds) are gently faded in and out.
Fading LettersThe single letters are faded in and out. Try working with long page fades and short letter fades - if not, the result may not be visible.
Fading LinesThe single lines are gently faded in. Afterwards, the entire page is faded out.
Falling LettersDuring fade in, the letters fall from above. During fade out, they drop to the bottom.
Flashing LettersThe single letters are faded onto the screen with a flash - it seems as if they are "glowing" out. At the end of the page, they're just gently faded out.
Flashing LinesEach line fades in with a flash. Afterwards, the text softly fades from white. During fade out, the entire text is faded to white and a flash appears.
Flashing PagesThe text is gently faded in. During fade out, the text then becomes larger and blurry. At the end of every page, the text flashes and disappears.
Flashing V-ScrollThis scroll title makes every line appear with a flash.
Flying lettersThe letters are faded in from their start position and are moved to their end position and at the same time, the text is faded out.
Horizontal LettersThe letters of a line are pulled as if they were made from rubber. The letters are pulled from the right and towards the left.
Moving BoxEach single text box and background is moved in the chosen direction.
Moving LinesThe single lines of a page are moved into the screen according to the direction you choose. At the end of the effect, the lines are moved out of the screen in the same direction.
Moving SubtitlesMoves the single lines along the defined direction and fading time into the screen. The maximum fading time is the effect time range / (number of lines * 2).
Pushing PageThe pages are moved into the video according to the given direction. The second pages pushes the first out of the video.
Random PageThe letters are faded either in order or in a random order.
Rotating LettersEach letter appears through a spiral movement. Radius and speed increase going from left to the right.
Scaling H-ScrollTo the right, the text is faded in with the respective size. Then every letter grows on its way to the middle of the screen. To the left, the letters shrink and are faded out.
Scaling LettersEach single letter is faded in and in accordance to with the settings, grows and returns to its original size. With the right settings, it seems as if a magnifying glass is being moved over the text. At the end of the effect, the letters shrink and fade out.
Scaling LinesThe separate text lines are moved to their end position. When fading out, all text lines fade out towards their starting position.
Scaling PageThe page content grows from the chosen point on the screen and moves to the end position/size. After a pause, the page is faded out towards the end point.
Scaling V-ScrollThe text is faded in at the lower part of the screen and can be scaled to a chosen size, rolls towards the top and fades out/minimizes.
TickerThe text is made to "tick" letter after letter - similar to a news ticker.
Zoom LettersThe single letters are faded and enlarged while moving from their original position towards the end position. They then either move towards the screen edge or continue moving in that direction. At the same time, they constantly grow and become more and more blurry.

System requirement: Casablanca, DVC, Enterprise MAX, Streamcorder with BogartSE


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Title Effect Pack 1

Title Effect Pack 1

33 in/out effects for the Bogart for Windows titling system

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