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Convert black/white masks to high quality 3D looking objects, titels and much more

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Candy Factory gives simple black / white text, logos, icons or backgrounds a high quality three-dimensional look.

With many different settings in Candy Factory, the effect of 3D appearance, structure, pattern and shine of your base object can be altered. In addition, you can adjust the light and shadows in many ways.

Candy Factory is a very creative to use tool. It can create effects from subtle to very dramatic and is highly customizable.

Candy Factory always requires two scenes in the storyboard. The special usage is, that a background scene - usually a normal moving or static video scene - is combined with a mask. The mask should be black and white and, for example, a text or a logo,... Over 400 included patterns (textures, patterns) offer virtually endless possibilities. Also in the image pool you will find numerous masks and images that can serve as a base material for working with Candy Factory. Whether the mask is moving or is a static one (depends on the effect you want to achieve), can be optimized in the options.

With the many options of Candy Factory, you can determine how the mask is merged with the background scene, or how strong and vivid the object stands out from the background. The corresponding menus have many options and can be freely combined.

No title has ever been more professional within Bogart, as a Candy Factory rendered.

The wide range of adjustment options:

  • Bevel
    Adjust height and edge shape of the object to design a 3D effect.
  • Glow
    Place an aura around your object to create, for example, a neon effect.
  • Object Material
    Desired shine of your object should it appear rather dull? Here you can set the strength of the reflection.
  • Object Bumpmapping
    Here the surface structure of the object is adjusted. There are some fixed structures but you can also use graphics from the image pool.
  • Object Texture
    Load a texture on your object to give it an additional plasticity.
  • Light
    For perfect illumination you find the right setting options here.
  • Shadow
    The shadow can be freely designed and is of course dependent on your light settings. You can turn off all the shadows as well.
  • And many more detailed settings.

System requirement: Bogart Windows



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Candy Factory

Candy Factory

Convert black/white masks to high quality 3D looking objects, titels and much more

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