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DVD/BD authoring software for Casablanca-3 with BogartSE

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With the Arabesk Software for BogartSE, Video-DVDs and Blu-rays are created since 2001. The authoring software is very popular among the Casablanca users and is available for both Bogart Windows, as well as Casablanca-3, Enterprise MAX HD and DVC systems. With the 7th generation of Arabesk many users' wishes can be realized. So the DVD/BD production is even more efficient - and even easier.

  • The definition of the chapters takes place directly in the Bogart Edit menu, in full view of the storyboard.
  • Blu-rays and video DVDs can be created with animated main and chapter menus
  • Likewise, all graphic backgrounds, overlays and buttons can be animated.
  • There are no differences in the design possibilities between DVD and Blu-ray. It may (at any time) be switched between SD/HD mode, without having to intervene again in the design of the menus.
  • Arabesk can manage up to 10 disk projects. These projects can also be copied. So you can test different versions - or you create seperated DVD and Blu-ray compilations.
  • On request, an 'automatic' quality button adjusts the data rate. So the highest picture quality for the DVD/BD is used.
  • A safety system prevents any unintended DVD/BD writing. If changes were necessary which have not been spotted / confirmed by the user, a yellow circle appears. Important warnings that indicate incorrect settings or missing items, Arabesk will signal by a red triangle.
  • Arabesk 7 offers a disk preview simulation. Here almost all menu functions, as well as moving overlay animations can be checked very quickly. All switches can be operated without having to wait to test the menu functionality and the film / chapter playback.
  • The creation of bilingual DVD/BD's is possible with Arabesk 7. The language-1 is placed on the Voice Track and language-2 parallel onto the FX-1 track. On the DVD/BD player the audio-selection can then switch between the two.
  • In addition to the direct burning of media, also the export of a disc as ISO File is possible. This DVD/BD image can be saved anywhere on an external hard drive and later be read back for burning again.

An Arabesk 6 to 7 update is available for a reduced price.

  • Minimum requirements: Casablanca or DVC with Bogart Version 8.3 / 7.6 / 6.8 / 5.14 or higher, and 2048 MB RAM.
  • The installation is done with current versions Bogart: Bogart Casablanca-3 (not compatible with Arabesk 4 and 5)
    Relax Vision version coming soon


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Arabesk 7 Update from v5 or older

Arabesk 7 Update from v5 or older

DVD/BD authoring software for Casablanca-3 with BogartSE

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